Table 2

Selected genes in Acropora millepora, SNP codon position, and their putative role in the stress response
Gene SNP name* SNP codon pos Putative role in stress response
Argenine kinase 50281_AG_478 1 Detoxification of hyper-oxide
β-gamma crystallin 35180_TG_523 2 Immunity response
Coatomer 60613_TG_230 2 Intra cellular protein transport
Complete component C3 26792_AG_293 1 Immunity response
Galaxin 20421_TC_239 1 Calcification and growth
Hsp60 52394_AG_280 2 Generic heat shock protein
Mn Superoxide dismutase 16774_AC_791 1 Defense against ROS
Thioredoxin 16728_TC_211 1 Defense against ROS
Ubiquitin like protein 12368_TC_731 2 Defense against ROS
Ligand of numb X2 63538_CG_709 1 Possible ligase to bind ubiquitin

*contig numbers from Meyer et al. 2009a.

SNP name constructed in the following manner: (Contig number_SNP nucleotides_position of SNP in trimmed contig).

Lundgren et al.

Lundgren et al. BMC Genetics 2013 14:9   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-14-9

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