Figure 4.

Comparison of the 5S rDNA sequences of Engystomops with 5S rDNA sequences available in the GenBank. Alignment of the presumed coding regions of the type I and II 5S rDNA sequences of Engystomops freibergi (Acre) and Engystomops petersi (Yasuní and Puyo) with the 5S rDNA sequences of other vertebrates obtained from the GenBank (accession numbers: AF250511, AF284728, AF284742, AY271269, S73107, M24954, V00647, J01009, M35055, J01010, M30904, M35176, M63899, V01425, V01426, X12622, X12623, X12624, M74438, X58365, X58368, X58367, M10817, X01309, V00589). The internal control regions are in gray (A box = positions 50 to 64; intermediate element = positions 67 to 72; C box = position 80 to 97). Note that the control regions of the Engystomops type I 5S rDNA sequences are more similar to those found for the other vertebrate 5S rDNA sequences than are those of the Engystomops type II 5S rDNA. Ooc: oocyte-type. Smc: somatic-type.

Rodrigues et al. BMC Genetics 2012 13:17   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-13-17
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