Figure 5.

Comparison of the distribution of the number of 18S rDNA loci and the diploid number in 31 species of Scarabaeinae (a) or with the distribution of heterochromatin in 21 species (b). Each symbol indicated below the name of species represents one of the distinct tribes: (T with stroke) Oniticellini, (phi) Ateuchini, (black circle) Coprini, (empty triangle) Onthophagini, (plus sign) Gymnopleurini, (asterisk) Canthonini, (empty circle) Onitini and (black square) Phaneini. Species with intraspecific variation were considered twice (see Table 1). The color of the bars in (a) corresponds to each defined class regarding the diploid number, 2n = 8 (black), 2n = 14 (light green), 2n = 16 (orange), 2n = 18 (red), 2n = 20 (blue), and in (b) the distribution of heterochromatin, pericentromeric blocks (purple), pericentromeric and terminal blocks (brown), pericentromeric blocks and diphasic chromosomes (dark green). In (b), the colored squares correspond to each heterochromatin distribution pattern.

Cabral-de-Mello et al. BMC Genetics 2011 12:88   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-12-88
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