Figure 2.

SWC9 microsatellite marker capillary profiles of cDNA from pig liver, skeletal muscle and kidney tissues and a standard curve of a dilution series of the alternative alleles. A The 247 bp allele is paternally inherited and the size of the peak area for the maternal 236 bp allele is indicative for the level of IGF2 imprinting relaxation. The cDNA profiles from adult liver tissues show a similarity to biallelic IGF2 expression while those of cDNA from adult skeletal muscle and kidney indicate relaxation of imprinting. B Standard curve of mixed DNA from respective homozygote individuals with 11 different ratios (see also in the section methods).

Braunschweig et al. BMC Genetics 2011 12:47   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-12-47
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