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Detailed description of QTL located in this study. Supplementary table showing extra detail of each QTL: 1. Chromosome: the chromosome number of the QTL. Underlined if 2 QTL model. 2. Trait: each trait is shown as follows: trait type (IgG1; IgG2; SI_FMDV = T cell proliferation to the FMDV peptide; SI_CA = T cell proliferation to Concanavalin A), followed by week post immunisation. 3. cM: the position the QTL is on the chromosome, in centiMorgans. 4. F: the F-statistic for each QTL. Significance level: all are at least 5% chromosome wide, * = p < 1% chromosome wide, **= p < 5% genome wide and ***= p < 1% genome wide. 5. Flanking markers of each QTL peak. 6. The 95% confidence intervals of each QTL. 7. "a" and "d" are the additive and dominance effect, respectively, of each QTL, * = p < 5%, **= p < 1% and ***= p < 0.01%. 8. "a/SD" and "d/SD" are the standard deviation units for the additive and dominance effects, respectively.

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Leach et al. BMC Genetics 2010 11:107   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-11-107