Figure 6.

Apoptosis in outm233 mutant embryos. (A - H) Transverse cryosections through the zebrafish eye. Apoptosis is detected using the TUNEL assay (red signal). Levels of apoptosis are abnormally high in outm233 mutant (E-H) eyes during early neurogenesis. At 30 hpf, there is an increase of apoptosis in the lens and the retina of mutants (E) compared to the wild-type (A). Apoptosis persists in and around the lens region at 48 hpf (F, compare to B). By 76 hpf, hardly any apoptosis is visible in the mutant eye (G), and a significantly increased amount of apoptosis occurs in the wild-type (C) retina, compared to the mutant. At 5 dpf, hardly any apoptotic cells are found in both the wild type (D) and the mutant (H). (I) The amount of cell death is quantitated. The average number of apoptotic cells per section is provided. Arrowheads point to the lens. n ≥ 9 sections from at least 3 embryos for each time point both for wild-type and mutant samples.

den Hollander et al. BMC Genetics 2010 11:102   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-11-102
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