Figure 2.

Delta ct distributions for ANOVA of three CNVs validated by qPCR. P-values for ANOVAs were p = 0.00001 (Chr. 7q11), p = 0.0001 (15q11), and p = 1.2e-12 (14q11). Lower delta ct values indicate higher copies. Green lines indicate means, blue lines indicate standard deviations. Primer sequences for the three CNV regions: chromosome 7 forward-5' TGC CAC TTG CGT TCT T 3', reverse-5' CTT GGG CCA CGT CAT T 3'; chromosome 14 forward-5' CAC TGG CAT TTG GTA TCG T 3', reverse-5' CCC AAA GTG AAA CGT ATT 3'; chromosome 15 forward-5' ATG CCA CAT ATT CTT ACT CAT 3', reverse-5' CCA CAC TCC ACC CTC AA 3'.

McElroy et al. BMC Genetics 2009 10:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-10-15
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