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Electrostatic distances and potentials in different H2A.Z proteins. A Electrostatic distances calculated from the similarity indices for the electrostatic potentials of histone H2A variants represented in a color coded matrix (heat map). The distance between similarity indices (SI) of two molecules (a and b) is defined as <a onClick="popup('','MathML',630,470);return false;" target="_blank" href="">View MathML</a>. The color code, as well as the number of comparisons for each distance interval are indicated in the key/histogram. The tree along the side of the image assembles the proteins into groups of similar electrostatic potentials (epogram), with discontinuous black lines delimiting three different groups of similarity with respect to human H2A.Z-1. B Representation of the electrostatic potentials for three representative H2A molecules belonging to different groups of similarity as defined in the epogram. Negatively charged surfaces are red and positively charged surfaces are blue, colors were assigned to amino acids according to their physical and chemical structural characteristics as in Supplementary Figure 2. The residue occupying the second position in the triresidue is indicated in each case.

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Eirín-López et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2009 9:31   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-9-31