Figure 7.

Principal component analysis of mtDNA haplogroup frequencies. Comparison samples from Western Eurasia (Iran): Irn-W, Irn-E, Irn-C, Irn-SW, Irn-SE [12]; Indian subcontinent: AP, Andhra Pradesh [55]; WB-1, Castes from Bengal; WB-2, Kurmis from West Bengal; WB-3, Lodhas from West Bengal; Pj, Punjab; Rj, Rajput; Pa, Parsi; Gj, Gujarat; UP-2, Brahmins from Uttar Pradesh [12]; Th-UP, Tharus from Uttar Pradesh [12,56]; UP-1, Uttar Pradesh; Lb, Lobana group [56]; Pk, Karachis [42]; East Asia: Han-SE, Guandong [58]; Uzb, Uzbek; Uyg, Uygur; Kaz, Kazak; Mong, Mongolia; Hui, Xinjiang [59,60]; and Indonesia: Su, Sumatra; Bo, Borneo; Jv, Java; Ba, Bali; Lk, Lombok; Sm, Sumba; Am, Ambon [44]. Data have been normalized to the common level of analysis. On the whole, 26% of the total variance is represented: 15% by the first PC and 11% by the second PC.

Fornarino et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2009 9:154   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-9-154
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