Figure 3.

Divergence profile between orthologous regions of the human and the chimpanzee LHB/CGB clusters. In total the compared region covered 37,220 bp (Ch)/36,541 (Hu), including 8,084 bp (Ch)/7,973 bp (Hu) from RUVBL2 gene to the end of intergenic region A and 29,136 bp (Ch)/28,568 bp (Hu) from CGB1 to NTF5 gene. The species-specific large duplications (human 12,700 bp, chimp 6,725 bp) have been excluded from the comparison. The percents of nucleotide substitutions and indels are calculated per 500 bp non-overlapping windows. Grey arrows indicate the locations of coding genes drawn to an approximate scale. A E denote intergenic regions from Figure 1B. Intergenic repeat fraction includes SINEs, LINEs, satellites, simple repeats and low complexity DNA sequences within each intergenic region.

Hallast et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2008 8:195   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-8-195
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