Table 1

All ancient samples used in the analyses with their total DNA concentration, together with information on origin and previously published control region sequences
Extract ID Element Place of origin Region Museum accession number (Museum) CytB haplotype Genbank accession Control region haplotype Total DNA concentration (ng/μl)
PL1 Skull Senegal West A1892 (PARIS) C KJ545522 M4 0.529
PL2 Skull Senegal West 1890-490 (PARIS) D KJ545523 M4 2.4
PL3 Mandible Barbary North A58:5827 (STOCKHOLM) G KJ545524 M11 3.14
PL4 Skull Burkina Faso West 1926-248 (PARIS) C KJ545525 M3 0.869
PL5 Tissue Tunisia North BARBARY C (LEIDEN) E KJ545526 M11 10.2
PL6 Skull North Africa North A7912 (PARIS) E KJ545527 M11 3.89
PL7 Vertebra Algeria West 1862-54 (PARIS) E KJ545528 M11 1.22
PL8 Skull Iran Middle East 1962-2847 (PARIS) F KJ545529 M10 3.92
PL9 Skull Iran Middle East 1962-2854 (PARIS) F KJ545530 M10 3.94
PL11 Mandible Tower of London North 1952.10.20.15 (NHM) E KJ545531 M11 0.146
PL12 Mandible Tower of London North 1952.10.20.16 (NHM) H KJ545532 M11 0.091
PL13 Vertebra Sudan Central 1995-164 (PARIS) A KJ545533 M8 0.59
PL15 Skull Central African Republic Central 1996-2516 (PARIS) A KJ545534 M6 5.01
PL16 Skull Central African Republic Central 1996-2517 (PARIS) B KJ545535 M6 0.304

Barnett et al.

Barnett et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014 14:70   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-14-70

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