Figure 4.

Diet-dependent positive relationship between resistance and fecundity tolerance. Each plotted data point represents a single genotype (error bars are standard errors). The square, red points represent the genotypes that experienced very high mortality after infection. A positive relationship was found between resistance, plotted as descending bacterial load 24 hours after infection, and normalized infected fecundity, estimated as the least-squares mean from Model A. When the two genotypes that had the highest mortality are excluded, the relationship is only significant on the high-sugar diet, suggesting that that these two traits can be decoupled in a diet-dependent manner. A similar pattern was seen when the proportion of flies surviving three days post-infection was used to estimate tolerance, except that the relationship was not significant on either diet when the high-mortality genotypes were excluded (see main text).

Howick and Lazzaro BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014 14:56   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-14-56
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