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Figure S1. Cnidarian phylogeny of mitochondrial protein genes using the reduced alignment AliMGred with 103 species. Phylogenetic analyses of cnidarian protein coding genes under the GTR model and CAT approximation with RAxML for the reduced AliMG alignment (AliMGred), where the coronate Linuche unguiculata, the tube anemone Ceriantheopsis americanus and the blue octocoral Heliopora coerulea were removed. Node supports correspond to the bootstraps values. Stars denote maximum support values. 1: Zoantharia; 2: Actiniaria; 3: Antipatharia; 4: Corallimorpharia; 5: Scleractinia; 6: Alcyonacea; 7: Pennatulacea; 8: Stauromedusae; 9: Carybdeida; 10: Chirodropida; 11: Limnomedusae; 12: Filifera III; 13: Filifera IV; 14: Leptothecata; 15: Capitata; 16: Aplanulata; 17: Semaeostomeae; 18: Rhizostomeae.

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Kayal et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-5