Figure 3.

Relative expression amounts of different Hsp70-groups in Paramecium. (A) Relative transcript quantity of the P. caudatum Hsp70-groups CY-A, CY-B, ER-A, ER-B and MT at optimum temperature (28°C) and after heat shock (34°C) were assessed by RT-qPCR; levels were normalised to the highest and lowest observed cycle threshold (Ct) value of the whole data set and expressed in arbitrary units as relative mRNA amount (lowest Ct value = 1.0, highest Ct value = 0.0). All values are shown as mean ± standard error (n = 5). (B) Relative transcript amount of Hsp70-groups derived from EST libraries of P. tetraurelia cultured at 27°C or 35°C. Library screening was performed using the Local Blast engine in BioEdit (e-value cut-off of e < E-100) for orthologous EST sequences of the five P. caudatum Hsp70-groups using reference nucleotide sequences of P. tetraurelia. Resulting EST counts were used to calculate relative expression levels of the five Hsp70-groups in transcripts per million.

Krenek et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:49   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-49
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