Table 2

PCR primers and methods for six gene loci in Bathymodiolus mussels
Locus Product Primers Ref.1 Methods Length
COI Cytochrome-c-oxidase subunit-I COIG/H [37] 2 570
SAHH S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase BatSAHHF/370R [25]3 Fast PCR ~400
ANT Adenine nucleotide (ADP/ATP) translocase AntF/AntR1 and AntF/AntR2 [38] TD and fast PCR 496
Cat Catchin CatF/Cat2R 4 Fast PCR5 ~500
Col-1 Collagen type XIV Col160F/Col619R 6 Fast PCR ~430
EF1α Elongation Factor 1α BatEf1αF/BatEf1αR [25] Fast PCR 540

1 References in Literature Cited.

2 PCR program: 95°C/10 min; 35 x [94°C/1 min, 55°C/1 min; 72°C/2 min], extension at 72°C/7 min.

3 New to this study: Based on [25], SAHH370R, 5'-CGYTCGAACTCGCAAYGTYAGTGG-3'.


5 Touchdown and Fast PCR: Amplitaq Gold Fast PCR Master Mix, UP (Life Technologies Corp., Carlsbad, CA) and the protocol for the taq supplied by manufacturer of Veriti thermal cycler with an annealing temperature at 50°C (Life Technologies Corp., Carlsbad, CA).

6 New to this study: Based on [25], Col160F, 5'-GGTTCACGAYCGGAWGTTCCCC-3', Col619R, 5'-TCCCAGCCTTTTCTCGCCCA-3'.

Johnson et al.

Johnson et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-21

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