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Multiple alignment of the conserved regions of the Dlx genes. Predicted amino acid sequences encoded by the Dlx genes of E. burgeri and various other species. Seven hagfish, six lampreys, 49 gnathostomes, and six tunicate Dlx proteins were aligned by CLUSTALW [62] and visual inspections. Identical sites are boxed. The stop codon site of the hagfish Dlx pseudogene is indicated by asterisk and arrowhead. Accession numbers are as follows: Astyanax mexicanus Dlx2a [ABG89858.1]; Astyanax mexicanus Dlx2b [ABG89859.1]; Ciona intestinalis Dlx homologue [NP_001027821, NP_001027672, NP_001027820]; Danio rerio Dlx1a, NP_571380.1; Danio rerio Dlx2a [CAP19546.1]; Danio rerio Dlx2b [NP_571372.1]; Danio rerio Dlx3b [NP_571397.2]; Danio rerio Dlx4a [NP_571375.1]; Danio rerio Dlx5a [AAH83280.1]; Danio rerio Dlx6a [NP_571398.1]; Eptatretus burgeri Dlx1/4/6A [AB679710]; Eptatretus burgeri Dlx1/4/6B [AB679711]; Eptatretus burgeri Dlx1/4/6C [AB679712]; Eptatretus burgeri Dlx2/3/5A [AB679713]; Eptatretus burgeri Dlx2/3/5B [AB679714]; Eptatretus burgeri Dlx2/3/5C [AB679715]; Eptatretus burgeri Dlx pseudo [AB679716]; Gallus gallus Dlx1 [NP_001039307.2]; Gallus gallus Dlx3 [NP_990135.1]; Gallus gallus Dlx5 [NP_989490.1]; Gallus gallus Dlx5 [NP_989490.1]; Gallus gallus Dlx6 [NP_001074359.1]; Homo sapiens Dlx1 [NP_835221.2]; Homo sapiens Dlx2 [NP_004396.1]; Homo sapiens Dlx3 [NP_005211.1]; Homo sapiens Dlx4 [NP_612138.1]; Homo sapiens Dlx5 [NP_005212.1]; Homo sapiens Dlx6 [NP_005213.2]; Lethenteron japonicum DlxA [AB292628]; Lethenteron japonicum DlxB [AB292629]; Lethenteron japonicum DlxC [AB292630]; Lethenteron japonicum DlxD [AB048759]; Lethenteron japonicum DlxE [AB048759]; Lethenteron japonicum DlxF [AB292633]; Monodelphis domestica Dlx1 [XP_001368011.1]; Monodelphis domestica Dlx2 [XP_001368046.1]; Monodelphis domestica Dlx3 [XP_001367695.1]; Monodelphis domestica Dlx5 [XP_001363081.1]; Monodelphis domestica Dlx6 [XP_001363167.1]; Mus musculus Dlx1 [NP_034183.1]; Mus musculus Dlx2 [NP_034184]; Mus musculus Dlx3 [NP_034185.1]; Mus musculus Dlx4 [NP_031893.3]; Mus musculus Dlx5 [NP_034186.2]; Mus musculus Dlx6 [NP_034187]; Notophthalmus viridescens Dlx3 [P53770.1]; Oikopleura dioica Dlx homologues, [AAW24001, AAW24002, AAV73846]; Ornithorhynchus anatinus Dlx2 [XP_001514642.1]; Oryzias latipes Dlx2a [NP_001098290.1]; Petromyzon marinus DlxA [AAG41495.1]; Petromyzon marinus DlxB [AAG41496.1]; Petromyzon marinus DlxC [AAG41497.1]; Petromyzon marinus DlxD [AAG41498.1]; Salmo salar Dlx5a [NP_001134142.1]; Salmo salar Dlx5a [NP_001134142.1]; Synodontis multipunctatus Dlx2a [ABG89865.1]; Synodontis multipunctatus Dlx2b [ABG89866.1]; Taeniopygia guttata Dlx1 [XP_002198787.1]; Taeniopygia guttata Dlx2 [XP_002196070.1]; Taeniopygia guttata Dlx6 [XP_002197360.1]; Triakis semifaciata Dlx1 [AAV85983.1]; Triakis semifaciata Dlx2 [AAV85984.1]; Triakis semifaciata Dlx3 [AAV85985.1]; Triakis semifaciata Dlx4 [AAV85986.1]; Triakis semifaciata Dlx5 [AAV85987.1]; Triakis semifaciata Dlx6 [AAV85988.1]; Xenopus tropicalis Dlx1 [NP_001093727.1]; Xenopus tropicalis Dlx2 [NP_001008061.1]; Xenopus tropicalis Dlx3 [NP_001025566.1]; Xenopus tropicalis Dlx5 [NP_001004778.1]; Xenopus tropicalis Dlx5 [NP_001004778.1].

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Fujimoto et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:15   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-15