Table 3

Binary logit regression coefficients of rate of synonymous (dS) and non-synonymous (dN) mutations between A. aegypti overlapping genes and their 1-to-1 orthologs in other selected insects (A. gambiae, C. quinquefasciatus, D. melanogaster and P. humanus)
Coefficient Std. error p-value
Gene1_dS 0.002 0.000975 0.84
Gene1_dN −0.838 0.065533 0.61
Gene2_dS 0.009 0.000099 0.39
Gene2_dN −4.533 0.346861 0.05

The regression was performed in relation to presence or absence of positional overlapping of the orthologous gene pairs across species (see Additional file 4).

Behura and Severson

Behura and Severson BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:124   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-13-124

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