Table 1

Comparison of Müller’s[3-5]findings with results of present study
Planthopper family Sulcia (a-symbiont) detected by Müller Sulcia (a-symbiont) detected in present study Vidania (x-symbiont) detected by Müller Vidania (x-symbiont) detected in present study
Acanaloniidae O O O O
Achilidae X X X X
Achilixiidae / / / /
Caliscelidae X O X O
Cixiidae X X X X
Delphacidae X X X X
Derbidae X O X X
Dictyopharidae X X X X
Eurybrachidae O O O X
Flatidae O O O X
Fulgoridae X X X X
Gengidae / / / /
Hypochthonellidae / / / /
Issidae X O X O
Kinnaridae / X / X
Lophopidae X X X X
Meenoplidae O O X X
Nogodinidae X X X X
Ricaniidae O O O O
Tettigometridae X X X X
Tropiduchidae O O X O

X = endosymbiont detected; O = endosymbiont not detected; / = family not tested.

Urban and Cryan

Urban and Cryan BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:87   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-87

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