Figure 1.

Distributions of structural properties for sncRNAs. Histogram of plasticity (P), mutational and environmental robustness (Rm and Re) for the bacterial sncRNAs (blue bars) and for different samples (I, II and III) of artificially constructed sequences (gray bars). U-tests were applied to assess the statistical significance of the distributions. For P, the P-values of samples I, II and III are 8·10-12, 10-4 and 0.0016, respectively. For Rm, the P-values of the three samples are 7·10-16, 2·10-12 and 0.38, respectively. For Re, the P-values of the three samples are 5·10-13, 3·10-10 and 0.82, respectively.

Rodrigo and Fares BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:52   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-52
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