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Figure S1. Comparison of the orthologs present in the three datasets SP-50L, UP-50L and UP-70L. Figure S2. Branch support values for the various data sets. Figure S3. Correlation of genetic distance matrices. This figure shows the box-plot distribution of A. Z-scores and B Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient for the genetic distance matrices of a pair of proteins for the different datasets. Figure S4. ROC analysis for different datasets. Figure S5. Comparison of maximum log-likelihood (LL) values of the common pairs of proteins in the three different datasets (SP-50L, UP-50L, UP-70L) for a) interacting proteins (b) non-interacting proteins. Figure S6. Distribution of “difference in log-likelihood values” (dLL) for three datasets of a) interacting and b) non-interacting protein pairs. Table S1. Comparison of Pfam domain assignments of orthologs fro the three datasets (SP-50L, UP-50L and UP-70L). Table S2. AUC data for different datasets. Table S3. Chi-square test results for all variant datasets.

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Swapna et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:238   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-238