Figure 3.

Phylogenetic tree constructed for 189 bp long fragment of second exon of DRB and DQB genes in the brown bear. Bayesian posterior probabilities above 70% are shown above branches. Alleles marked with “S” – are present in the southern Scandinavian population, marked with “N” are present in the northern Scandinavian population, ”J” – in Japan , “Si” - in Siberia, “A” – in Alaska [36]. Alleles marked with filled circle are expressed. The other sequences used to generate the tree are: Ailuropoda melanoleuca: Aime-DQB1*01 (GQ496182.1), Aime-DQB1*02 (GQ496183.1), Aime-DQB2*01 (GQ496188.1), Aime-DRB*01 (AY895155.1), Aime-DRB*02 (AY895156.1), Aime-DRB*03 (AY895157.1), Aime-DRB3*01 (GQ496165.1), Aime-DRB3*02 (GQ496166.1); Ursus thibetanus japonicus: Urth-DQB*01 (AB473936.1), Urth-DRB*01 (AB490478.1), Urth-DRB*02 (AB490479.1); Ursus americanus: Uram-DRB*01 (AB490480.1), Uram-DRB*02 (AB490481.1), Uram-DRB*03 (AB490482.1); Ursus maritimus: Urma-DRB*01 (AB490476.1), Urma-DRB*02 (AB490477.1); Tremarctos ornatus: Tror-DRB*01 (AB490489.1), Tror-DRB*02 (AB490490.1); Melursus ursinus: Urur-DRB*01 (AB490485.1), Urur-DRB*02 (AB490486.1), Urur-DRB*03 (AB490487.1), Urur-DRB*04 (AB490488.1); Helarctos malayanus: Urml-DRB*01 (AB490483.1), Urml-DRB*02 (AB490484.1); Canis lupus: DLA-DQB1*22 (AF113704.1), DLA-DQB1*23 (AF113705.1), DLA-DRB1*14 (U44779.1), DLA-DRB1*17 (U44780.1). Monodelphis domestica sequence: Modo-DAB1 (NM_001032991.1) was used to root the tree.

Kuduk et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:197   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-197
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