Figure 6.

VISTA comparisons between various fish sequences. Percent identity is scored over a 100 bp window with a bottom cut-off of 50%. Matches above 70% are colored pink. A) Comparison of the ARHGAP22 orthologs of five fish to that of smelt. Exons in smelt are numbered and indicated by blue rectangles. Ensembl accession numbers for these genes are as follows; fugu (ENSTRUG00000017136), spotted pufferfish (ENSTNIG00000004993), zebrafish (ENSDARG00000076434), stickleback (ENSGACG00000005702), medaka (ENSORLG00000002387). B) Comparison as in A but between the sequences of the two pufferfish. C) Comparison of the AFP sequences of herring (GenBank DQ003023.1) and smelt (GenBank DQ004949.1). Exons are color coded with brown for non-coding, pale green for signal peptide encoding and blue for mature protein encoding sequence. D) Comparison of the intergenic region between the FRMPD2 and GDF10 genes using the shuffle-LAGAN alignment. The AFP exons are indicated as in C.

Graham et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:190   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-190
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