Table 1

Strains ofD. melanogasterandD. simulansused in this study
Species Classification with regard to the origin Geographic Origin Collector/Stock GenBank Accessions
Bari-1 412
D. melanogaster Ancestral Madagascar – Africa David, J JX140191-JX140203 JX140342-JX140346
Congo – Africa 14021-0231.24 JX140204-JX140220 JX140347-JX140352
Ancient Invader Draveil – France David, J JX140221-JX140237 JX140353-JX140361
Delhi – Asia David, J JX140238-JX140256 JX140362-JX140368
Recent Invader Florianopolis – Brazil Granzotto, A JX140257-JX140275 JX140369-JX140375
D. simulans Ancestral Madagascar – Africa David, J JX140276-JX140288 JX140376-JX140389
Zimbabwe – Africa Begun, D JX140289-JX140299 JX140390-JX140399
Ancient Invader Draveil – France Capy, P JX140300-JX140307 JX140400-JX140411
Gorak – New Guinea 14021-0251.009 JX140308-JX140318 JX140412-JX140420
Recent Invader Florianopolis – Brazil Granzotto, A JX140319-JX140332 JX140421-JX140435
Pernambuco – Brazil Rohde, C JX140333-JX140341 JX140436-JX140445

Classification with the regard to geographic origin of the strains, name of the collectors or stock numbers and GenBank sequence accession numbers.

Dias and Carareto

Dias and Carareto BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012 12:119   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-12-119

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