Additional file 6.

Supplementary Figure S2, Phylogenetic tree of first and second codon positions analyzed under CAT + GTR + Γ4. Bayesian phylogenetic reconstruction using PhyloBayes 3.0 [43]. The CAT + GTRnt + Γ4 substitution model was applied to first and second codon positions of the 33 taxa data set. P. falciparum and 2 of its relatives infecting great ape hosts, P. reichenowi and P. gaboni, formed a monophyletic clade with 3 rodent parasites, P. yoelii, P. berghei and P. chabaudi (posterior probability PP = 0.92). Posterior probabilities equal to 1 were removed.

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Blanquart and Gascuel BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:70   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-70