Figure 5.

Macaque POP2 is functionally similar to human/chimp POP2. Macaque POP2 is functionally similar to human/chimp POP2. A. Comparison of protein sequences from cloned huPOP2 with the macaque genome sequence data and cloned mqPOP2 sequences. Amino acid differences between expected and actual mqPOP2 sequences from two independently isolated clones are shown in bold. Boxed sequence indicates a 41 amino acid "extension" of mqPOP2 absent in human and chimpanzee. B. MqPOP2 weakly inhibits TNFα-mediated NF-κB activation in 293T cells. C. MqPOP2 inhibition of NF-κB p65 is influenced by is 41 AA C-terminal "extension". D. MqPOP2 partially inhibits human inflammasome activity in inflammasome reconstituted 293T cells. E. One dimensional sliding window analysis of Ka and Ks (SWAKK) for human versus macaque POP2 (black) and human versus orangutan (red) (1-97) was performed using the SWAKK algorithm with a window of 30.

Atianand et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:56   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-56
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