Figure 3.

Summary of 1UP2.4 and 1intro3.6 deletion constructs and of their activity in transgenic Ciona embryos. A, D) On the left schematic representation of 1UP2.4 (A) or 1intro3.6 (D) constructs and their deleted constructs. The restriction sites used for the preparation of the transgenes are also indicated (P, PstI; S, SmaI; X, XbaI). Right side, constructs names and the tissues where the reporter gene is expressed. The number of crosses is indicative of days of staining. B, C) Expression of 1UP0.8 construct in the same territories of the endogenous CiHox1 gene in the epidermis of tailbud (B) and epidermis and CNS of larva embryos (C). E, F) Nervous specific expression of 1intro1.7 construct at tailbud (E) and larva (F) stages corresponding to endogenous neural expression of CiHox1. Anterior is on the right; B, C, E, lateral view; F, dorsal view.

Natale et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:330   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-330
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