Figure 7.

Maximum likelihood tree inferred from lys2. The GTR + I + Γ model was used as the model of nucleotide substitution. The bootstrap probability (BP; 1000 replicated) values more than 75% are shown on the nodes. Branch lengths are proportional to the estimated number of nucleotide substitutions. The lys2 sequences of Wisconsin 54-1255 Penicillium chrysogenum (XM_002564615), CBS513.88 Aspergillus niger (XM_001401869), and RIB40 Aspergillus oryzae (XM_001820142) were used as outgroups. With the Fusarium dataset sequenced in this study, the lys2 sequences of PH-1 Gibberella zeae, NRRL 34936 Fusarium oxysporum, NRRL 20956 Fusarium verticillioides, mpVI 77-13-4 Nectria haematococca and Neurospora crassa were downloaded from the Fusarium Comparative Database, and also analysed. Data obtained from GenBank or were downloaded from the Fusarium Comparative Database are denoted by an asterisk. The species which have additional lys2 copies in their genomes are indicated in red.

Watanabe et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:322   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-322
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