Figure 3.

Synteny between MAT A1 and MAT A2 PR loci in different species. The structure of the MAT A1 and MAT A2 PR loci (~50 kb) is shown for Sporobolomyces sp. IAM 13481 and Rhodotorula graminis WP1 and compared with shorter homologous regions of S. salmonicolor and R. toruloides. MAT A1 and MAT A2-specific genes are depicted in yellow and dark blue arrows, respectively, showing the direction of transcription. Genes enclosed in box A are flanking the STE3.A1 gene in most members of Sporidiobolales and those in box B are usually flanking the STE3.A2 gene. Orthologous genes in boxes A and B have the same colour. Genes shared by Sporobolomyces sp. and Rh. graminis are shown in gray, while others are shown in white. Yellow lines or bars connect, respectively, genes or syntenic blocks that are in the same orientation, while pink lines or bars indicate inversions. Asterisks in the MAT region of Rh. graminis indicate three identical repeats of ~280 bp (the repeat located downstream of the RNAPOL gene is inverted in relation to the other two).

Coelho et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:249   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-249
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