Table 2

Comparison of the COI results for the different Corbicula morphotypes including the previous nomenclature used.

Renard et al. 2000 [40]

Haplotype I (FW5) C. fluminea

Haplotype IV (FW17) C. fluminea-like (Rhône)

Haplotype V (FW4) C. fluminalis

Pfenninger et al. 2002 [42]

Haplotype H2 (FW5) Form R

Haplotype H4 (FW17) Form S

Present study

Haplotype 1 (FW5) Form R

Genotype 1

Haplotype 2 (FW17) Form R (mt/morphotype mismatch: 2 individuals)

Genotype 1

Haplotype 3 (FW4) Form Rlc (Rhône) Genotype 3

Haplotype 2 (FW17) Form S Genotype 2

Asian haplotypes (Siripattrawan et al. 2000 [34]; Park & Kim 2003 [31])

C. leana Haplotype FW5

C. fluminea (FW1) C. subplanata Haplotype FW4

(Haplotype FW17)

American haplotypes (Lee et al. 2005 [18])

Haplotypes A1-13 (FW5) Form A

Haplotype B1-3 (FW1) Form B

Haplotype C1 (FW17) Form C

Representative COI haplotypes from each lineage have been included. See Table 1 and Fig. 2 for the whole data set. Genotypes (from microsatellite data) are indicated for each of the three forms investigated in the present study. Haplotype FW17 was not found in any Asian population but this nomenclature was used for the European haplotype IV [31].

Pigneur et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:147   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-147

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