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Phylogeny and androgenesis in the invasive Corbicula clams (Bivalvia, Corbiculidae) in Western Europe

Lise-Marie Pigneur*, Jonathan Marescaux, Kathleen Roland, Emilie Etoundi, Jean-Pierre Descy and Karine Van Doninck

Author Affiliations

Research Unit in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology (URBE), University of Namur (FUNDP), Rue de Bruxelles, 61, 5000 Namur - Belgium

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BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, 11:147  doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-147

Published: 27 May 2011

Additional files

Additional file 1:

Alignment file of the 47 COI haplotypes of Corbicula spp. used in the present study.

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Additional file 2:

Alignment file of the three cyt b sequences of the three European morphotypes of Corbicula (R, S and Rlc).

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Additional file 3:

Estimated population structure of Corbicula spp. for K = 3 and mean Ln P(D) ±SD for 10 replicates at each level of K clusters (from 1 to 5).

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