Figure 3.

Distribution of molecular functions in the FSF 352_set that encompasses the urancestral max_set and min_set. In the diagram, the min_set has 70 FSFs. A total of 82 FSFs are unique to the max_set when compared to the min_set. The 200 remaining FSFs are not included in both of the urancestral sets. The bar graph displays 49 coarse-grained functional sub-categories (bottom labels) in seven major categories (top labels) defined by Vogel and Chothia [41]. Bars describe the number of FSFs in different sets, with heights normalized for sub-categories. The bars in the diagram show the initial appearance of molecular functions in the min_set or their additional accumulation in the max_set or 352_set for individual sub-categories. For example, the sub-category translation in Information has 6, 28, and 18 FSFs, that are included in the min_set, the 82 FSFs of the max_set, and the 200 FSFs of the 352_set, respectively. Here, 6 FSFs are common in all of the three sets, 28 FSFs are absent in the min_set but appear in the max_set and 352_set, and 18 FSFs are unique to the 352_set.

Kim and Caetano-Anoll├ęs BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:140   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-140
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