Figure 7.

Outlines of shell whorl section and suture line for Auguritidae and Pinacitidae. Cladograms of the lineages leading to, and including, the Eifelian Pinacitidae and the Emsian Auguritidae. Where available, a sketch of the cross section and a suture line drawing is given. Note the parallel trend toward oxyconic shells with acute venter, with umbilical lids, and with increasing numbers of sutural elements at venter and near the umbilicus divided by a broad lobe. Sections and sutures redrawn or taken from [66,73,76,77,88,92,93]. Sections of Foordites veniens, Weyeroceras angustum and Gaurites sperandus newly drawn after PIMUZ 28867, PIMUZ 28449 and PIN No. 3981/22 from the lowermost Eifelian of Hamar Laghdad, Morocco and the lower Emsian of Bou Tchrafine, Morocco and Yusupkul Stow, Uzbekistan, and that of Celaeceras mirandum from the lower Emsian of the North Urals, Russia, after PIN No. 1869/4. Scale bars all at 1 cm length.

Monnet et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:115   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-11-115
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