Figure 1.

Genomic organization and structural comparison of the Hessian fly SSSGP-1 family members. A: SSSGP-1 family members derived by sequencing a BAC clone made from biotype GP. B: Nucleotide sequence comparison of the seven SSSGP-1 genes. Comparisons were divided into the promoter region (Promoter), 5'-untranslated region (5'-UTR), signal peptide coding region (SPCR), an intron, mature protein coding region (MPCR), and 3'-untranslated region (3'-UTR). The numbers in boxes are average scores and score range (in parentheses) derived from pair-wise comparisons of all possible combinations of the genes (see Materials and Methods). Red color indicates conserved regions. Blue color indicates diversified regions. The lowest score for any pairwise comparison in the MPCR was 13. Unrelated random sequences can produce scores as high as 15. The actual alignments of these genes are shown in Additional file 1, Figure S1A. C: Sequence alignments of putative proteins. Dashes represent gaps in the sequence alignments. The first 18 amino acids constitute a putative signal peptide.

Chen et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2010 10:296   doi:10.1186/1471-2148-10-296
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