Figure 8.

Actin organization in the fli-1(ky535) male germ line. (A) and (B). DIC images of the wild-type and fli-1(ky535) male germ lines in the meiotic zone. The arrow in (A) points to the rachis in wild-type, devoid of germ nuclei. The arrowheads in (B) point to misplaced nuclei in the rachis of the meiotic zone in fli-1(ky535). (C) and (D) Rhodamine-phalloidin staining of male gonads. (C) Cortical actin surrounds each germ nucleus, and the arrowhead indicates increased intensity at presumptive "T" structures. The rachis is narrower in the male germ, but the rows of cortical nuclei can be clearly observed in this micrograph. (D) In fli-1(ky535), cortical actin surrounds misplaced nuclei in the rachis, but actin organization per se is not obviously affected. Scale bars represent 10 μm.

Lu et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2008 8:54   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-8-54
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