Figure 4.

BD increases life span of select chemosensory mutants. BD significantly extends the life span of long-lived chemosensory mutants, including (A) che-3(p801) (3 independent trials) (B) che-11(e1810) (two trials), (C) daf-10 (e1387) (2 trials), (D) osm-3(p802) (2 trials), and (E) tax-4(p678) (3 trials), compared to control fed (CF) animals. Number of animals examined, mean life spans ± standard error, median life span, and statistical significance are provided in Table 3. Extended statistical analysis (pair-wise comparisons) for each experimental group is provided in Table 4.

Smith et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2008 8:49   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-8-49
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