Figure 1.

Microarray cluster analysis demonstrating increased expression of Wnt-3A responsive genes, including MSX1, MSX2, ID2, Versican, NPM, Frizzled-7, TLE/Groucho, Cyclin D1, and MYC. NCCIT cells were exposed to control conditioned medium (CCM) and Wnt-3A CM [8] for 4 hours. Shown here are 5 separate experiments. Note also that MSX 2 is included on this particular array in duplicate which provides an internal check on the precision of the measurements. Additional array experiments led to the identification of Follistatin and REST/NRSF as elevated genes (which were confirmed in Figure 2A). Brightest red corresponds to ratio of = 2:1 and dimmer red corresponds to ratio of 2:1. The full data set will be available at the Wnt homepage webcite and the Stanford Microarray database webcite

Willert et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2002 2:8   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-2-8
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