Figure 2.

ceh-13 deficiency causes defects in cell migration. A, The wild-type Q cell lineage (top) and migration pattern (middle). The two Q daughters, QL and QR, generate identical cell lineages to produce three neurons (circles). "x" indicates apoptotic cell death. The bottom panel shows the final position of the Q cell descendants. AVM and PVM are indicated by red and blue circles, respectively. mec-7 is expressed in these two cells within the Q lineage. The fluorescence image shows the expression of a mec-7::gfp reporter in wild-type background. AVM and PVM are indicated. B, mec-7::gfp expression in a wild-type, ceh-13(-) single mutant, mab-5(gf) single mutant and ceh-13(-)mab-5(gf) double mutant animal. The positions of AVM and PVM are indicated. C, Schemes showing the migration pattern of two Q neuroblast descendants, AVM and PVM, in ceh-13(-) and mab-5(gf) single mutants, as well as in ceh-13(-)mab-5(gf) double mutant background.

Tihanyi et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2010 10:78   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-10-78
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