Figure 1.

Sperm production by folt-1 knockout hermaphrodites. (A) The spermathecal region of a folt-1 knockout hermaphrodite is shown under epifluorescence after labeling the nuclei with DAPI. The hermaphrodite had been isolated as an L4 larva two days prior. The arrow indicates the compact sperm nuclei that are present in the region of the spermatheca. (B) The number of sperm present within both arms of the reproductive tracts were tallied in homozygous folt-1 knockout hermaphrodites (n = 23), folt-1/+ heterozygotes (n = 26), and N2 hermaphrodites (n = 30) on the first and second days of adulthood. Error bars represent 1 SEM.

Austin et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2010 10:46   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-10-46
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