Figure 4.

Defects in vascular remodeling in Notch112f/lbd E9.5 embryos. All whole mount embryos were stained with Ab to Pecam1. (A-D) Morphogenesis of the main trunk of the anterior cardinal vein (arrow) in Notch112f/lbd and Notch1lbd/lbd mutant embryos is defective compared to Notch112f/12f and control Notch1+/12f embryos. (E-H) Vascular remodeling in brain in Notch1+/12f and Notch112f/12f is similar but is defective in Notch112f/lbd and severely defective in Notch1lbd/lbd embryos. (I-L) Vascular remodeling in heart is defective in Notch112f/lbd and more severely affected in Notch1lbd/lbd embryos. (M-P) Intersomitic vessels (arrows) were well-organized in Notch1+/12f and Notch112f/12f embryos but were mildly disorganized in Notch112f/lbd and essentially absent from Notch1lbd/lbd embryos. The number of embryos examined was 3 - 4 of each genotype.

Ge and Stanley BMC Developmental Biology 2010 10:36   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-10-36
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