Figure 7.

Ik2 and Spn-F are mutually dependent for their correct localization. (A-D) Confocal images of wild-type egg chambers (A, C) or ik2 germline clone egg chambers (B, D); red indicates Spn-F. In ik2 germ line clones during early oogenesis (B), Spn-F is no longer found in a tight posterior localization as in the wild type (A). During mid-oogenesis (D) in ik2 germ line clones, Spn-F localization along the anterior cortex is significantly reduced compared with the wild-type egg chamber (C) and Spn-F aggregates in the oocyte; also, there is a more punctate distribution of Spn-F protein in the nurse cells compared with the wild type (C). (E, F), Live imaging of stage 8 egg chamber from nanos-Gal4; pUASP GFP-Ik2 transgenic flies (E) or nanos-Gal4; pUASP GFP-Ik2 in spn-F mutant background (F). In spn-F mutant ovaries, Ik2 localization to the anterior ring of the oocyte is diminished and there is a reduction in the punctate form in the nurse cells.

Dubin-Bar et al. BMC Cell Biology 2008 9:51   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-9-51
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