Figure 3.

Visualization of high-resolution slice of cryosection of monkey brain. a: The foveal inset is projected onto the lower-left tile of the display wall. b-c: Magnified view of the boundary between the inset and the display wall. The foveal inset provides the user with a higher-resolution view of the selected area. c: Magnified view of a high-resolution slice of a cryosection of a monkey brain. The boundary between the high-resolution foveal inset (left) and the lower-resolution display wall (right) is clearly visible. Note that the pixel dimensions of the foveal inset projector and the display wall projector are identical.

Staadt et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8(Suppl 1):S10   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-S1-S10