Figure 6.

Localization and kinetics of dephosphorylation of Borealin in cells that fail to divide. HEK293 cells stably expressing Borealin-GFP were exposed to blebbistatin (41 μM). The localization of Borealin and α-tubulin were analyzed by confocal microscopy. (A) Untreated, (B and C) Blebbistatin for 3.8 hrs (D and E) Blebbistatin for 45 min. (F) Borealin dephosphorylation and scheme of the experiment. WT-8 cells were synchronized in mitosis with nocodazole and then released from the block in the presence or absence of blebbistatin. Lysates were collected at the times indicated and analyzed by Western blotting. Western transfers were stripped and reprobed for β-actin as a loading control.

Kaur et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-5
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