Figure 1.

Fluorescence microscopy of exponentially grown Synechocystis cells. A) cells in the blue channel, right panel is scaled to the middle (blue) panel in E, B) cells in the green channel, right panel is scaled to the right (green) channel in C and to D, C) cells in the red channel (left panel, autofluorescence) and in the green channel after addition of FM1-43 membrane stain. D) cells in the green channel (upper panel) after addition of mitotracker membrane stain, or in the red channel (autofluorescence of proteins within thylacoids). E) FM1-43 membrane stain (upper panel), DAPI DNA stain (middle panel) and thylakoid autofluorescence (lower panel), grey triangles indicate division septa between separated thylakoids, F) FM1-43 stain and thylakoid autofluorescence, white triangles indicate outer membranes that have completely separated daughter cells, G) FM1-43 stain of cells subjected to conditions inducing plasmolysis (note that this is a composite image), H) Fischerella sp. cells stained with FM1-43 (green channel), white triangles indicate septa between cells. Grey bars 2 μm.

Schneider et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:39   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-39
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