Figure 3.

Compartmentalisation of CD-BODIPY inside living cells. (A) Shows a YZ optical section through a 3D confocal stack recorded from a single living HeLa expressing citrin-actin and stained with 50 nM CD-BODIPY for 20 minutes. The top and middle rows show corresponding CD-BODIPY and citrin-actin channels respectively, whereas the bottom shows the corresponding overlay image. Note the co-compartmentalisation of CD-BODIPY and the citrin-actin at a microspike protruding from the top of the cell (red cursor). Scale bar 5μm. (B) Single confocal optical section through a H-PomGFP (green) living cell co-stained with 50 nM CD-BODIPY (red) and the corresponding colour overlay image. Note strong accumulation of CD-BODIPY at the perinuclear proximity and the presence co-incident with NE-membrane labelling. Bottom panels show detail from selected region (white rectangle) highlighting where in this representative example NE-membrane signals were clearly distinguished from cytoplasmic staining revealing a clear view of compartmentalisation between CD-BODIPY and POM121 (white cursor). Scale bars: top row: 5μm; bottom row: 2μm.

Münter et al. BMC Cell Biology 2006 7:23   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-7-23
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