Figure 5.

Western blot of cell markers in jejunum, colon, jejunocyte and colonocyte proteins. Immunodetection of cytokeratin-18 (A, B), others acidic and basic cytokeratins by an anti-pan cytokeratin antibody (C, D), α-actin 1A4 (E, F) and E-cadherin (G, H) and vimentin (I, J) in cellular extracts separated by SDS-PAGE (10%) and transferred on PVDF membranes. A, C, E, I were jejunum and jejunocyte samples. B, D, F, J were colon and colonocyte samples. Lanes: 1, freshly scrapped epithelia; 2, organoids suspension; 3, primary culture of bovine enterocytes; 4, cultured enterocytes after the first passage; 5, cultured enterocytes after the second passage; 6, broad range protein standards molecular weight ranging from 5.7 KDa to 198 Kda; 7, cultured 3T3-fibroblast used as positive control for vimentin and α-actin staining and 8, cultured Caco-2 cells used as positive control for cytokeratin and E-cadherin staining.

Rusu et al. BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:42   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-42
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