Figure 6.

Interactions are apparent between peroxisomes and MTs in onion epidermal cells. Time-lapse images of a region from a GFP-MFP-expressing onion epidermal cell showing apparent transient and long-term interactions of peroxisomes and MTs. The movements of three peroxisomes were followed over 18 image frames. One of these peroxisomes (star) showed, throughout the entire series, oscillatory movements at a fixed location that were co-incident with a MT. Another peroxisome (arrow) remained fixed at a site coincident with a MT for approximately two seconds at the beginning of the image sequence, and then moved out of the field of view during the final two seconds. The initial movement is marked by the arrow in image frame 1.82. A dumbbell-shaped peroxisome (arrowhead) moved through the cytosol and appeared to transiently tether to a MT (second arrowhead, image frame 1.30). This peroxisome then released and tethered to another MT (third arrowhead, image frame 3.12) before releasing again and continuing its movement. The cell observed in this image sequence was from an unpeeled epidermal layer that remained associated with the leaf segment. The movements of the peroxisomes shown in this figure are also shown in a real-time image sequence in Additional data file Movie 1. Numbers indicate elapsed time in seconds. Bar, 2 μm.

Chuong et al. BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:40   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-40
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