Figure 1.

AIDA-1c is a member of the EB-1/AIDA-1 protein family. (A) Schematic amino acid alignment of some known EB-1/AIDA-1 isoforms. Accession numbers AY281131 (AIDA-1b) and AY281132 (AIDA-1a) were reported by Ghersi et al., 2004a. AF145204 (EB-1) was reported by [39] and does not contain a translational start site. AIDA-1c (AY753193) is from this study. AIDA-1b is predicted to be approximately 1250 aa and contains ankrin repeats (denoted by 'A'), Eph-related SAM domains ('S') and a phosphotyrosine-binding domain ('PTB'). Boxes with shading or hatching represent variation from the AIDA-1b sequence. (B) Amino acid alignment of AIDA-1a versus AIDA-1c.

Xu and Hebert BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:23   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-23
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