Figure 1.

Transfer of YAC Tyr transgenes from a Tyr c / Tyr c background to a Tyr c-32DSD / Tyr c-32DSD background. Southern blot analysis of representative mice obtained during the breeding program, using the RFLP [9] and p19Arf E1 probes. Lanes: (M) 1 kb-ladder (Invitrogen), (1) YAC Tyr YRT2/∅ [9]; Tyr c-32DSD / Tyr c, (2) YRT2/∅ ; Tyr c-32DSD / Tyr c-32DSD, (3) ∅/∅ ; Tyr c-32DSD / Tyr c, and (4) ∅/∅ ; Tyr c-32DSD / Tyr c-32DSD. Note: ∅ indicates the absence of the transgene. Tg: YAC Tyr transgene derived signal. Tyr c: endogenous albino tyrosinase locus. p19: The p19Arf E1 probe (kindly provided by M. Malumbres), detecting exon 1 of the single-copy p19arf gene, was employed as an internal control for DNA loading and comparisons.

Lavado et al. BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:18   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-18
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