Figure 2.

Effect of different inhibitors on the neutrophil NADPH-oxidase activity. (A) Neutrophils were incubated with different concentrations of the PI3K specific inhibitor Wortmannin at 37°C for 30 minutes followed by stimulation with fMLF (100 nM) or WKYMVM (100 nM). A representative experiment is shown. (B) Neutrophils were incubated with the cell impermeable PIP2 binding peptide QRLFQVKGRR (1 μM final concentration) at 37°C for 5 minutes followed by stimulation with WKYMVM (100 nM). The effect of PBP10 (1 μM) is included for comparison.

Fu et al. BMC Cell Biology 2004 5:50   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-5-50
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