Table 2

The effect of IGF-1 upon the in vivo fertilized embryos examined for apoptosis and necrosis with fluorescent microscopic examination of PI and Annexin V staining.

Study methods

Propidium iodide and Annexin V --FITC studies

Culture medium

Total n

With PI-positive cells *

With Annexin V-positive and PI-negative cells **

With Annexin V-positive or PI-positive cells ***

Without Annexin V- and PI-positive cells ****

kSOM/AA with IGF-1


5(4.7%) All are arrested embryos

5(8.5%) All are arrested embryos


96(86.8%)# All blastocysts and 2 arrested embryos

kSOM/AA without IGF-1


7(8.4%) All are arrested embryos

13(15.6%) Arrested embryos and five blastocysts


63(75.9%)# All are blastocysts

IGF-1: 100 ng/ml. The results were pooled from 5 repeats of experiments. # P < 0.05 * With necrotic cells; at least one PI-positive cell in the embryo, no matter if Annexin V-stained cells are present or not. ** With apoptotic cells; at least one Annexin V-positive cell in the embryo, but no PI-positive cells observed. *** With apoptotic cells or necrotic cells. **** Normal without apoptotic cells or necrotic cells.

Lin et al. BMC Cell Biology 2003 4:14   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-4-14

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